Lifter Ron Classic (Elite Plate)




Lifter Joe

A barbell that takes a beating and a set of bumpers that matches its durability. Start your strength program with 100 kg of weight ready to go. Power lift, Oly lift, get a pump on, or CrossFit your face off.


EAST WEST 20KG DÉKA BAR East West Elite barbells feature a 216 000 PSI while maintaining an Olympic standard 28 mm shaft. What does this mean? It means we don’t pack on extra steel to increase the PSI,

ALL TERRAIN TRAINING CROSSFIT BAR 20KG : Tensile Strength 190 000 PSI, Capacity 1000 lb, Bar Diameter 28 mm (Olympic Standard)

ELITE BUMPERS: These bumpers are designed with one purpose above all else; to take a beating. East West bumpers are made from 100% virgin rubber, tested to 10 000 drops, and are guaranteed to be within +/-1% weight tolerance.