When conditioning becomes as important as your strength training, the WodCrusher is a great go to set. The med ball, high speed jump rope, kettlebell, and abmat will make for an infinite number of possible combinations. Train for strength and power with 100 kgs of bumper plates, then use them in combination with your other weapons to build an unstopable engine.





EAST WEST 20KG DÉKA BAR East West Elite barbells feature a 216 000 PSI while maintaining an Olympic standard 28 mm shaft. What does this mean? It means we don’t pack on extra steel to increase the PSI,

EAST WEST 15KG HEPTA BAR : The EAST WEST Hepta features an impressive 216 000 PSI while maintaining Olympic standard shaft dimensions, including a 25mm competition standard bar diameter.

ALL TERRAIN TRAINING CROSSFIT BAR 20KG : Tensile Strength 190 000 PSI, Capacity 1000 lb, Bar Diameter 28 mm (Olympic Standard)

ALL TERRAIN TRAINING CROSSFIT BAR 15KG : Tensile Strength 190 000 PSI, Capacity 1000 lb, Bar Diameter 25 mm (Olympic Standard)

EAST WEST COLOR KG COMP PLATES : East West Color KG Training 2.0 Plates are an IWF standard 450mm in diameter with 50.4mm collar opening . Higher total mass makes these plates thinner and allows for more weight to be loaded on the bar.

TERRAIN BUMPERS: Our All Terrain Bumpers are formulated from a patent pending unique rubber compound not found in any other bumper plate. All Terrain Bumpers are not made from recycled rubber.

ELITE BUMPERS: These bumpers are designed with one purpose above all else; to take a beating. East West bumpers are made from 100% virgin rubber, tested to 10 000 drops, and are guaranteed to be within +/-1% weight tolerance.

FOAM ROLLER: East West Spot-On Foam Rollers are an essential piece of equipment for any athlete doing high intensity training. Lactic acid builds up in our muscles during and after exercise and without proper attention this build up can limit our mobility and cause excess pain.

POWDER COATED KETTLEBELL 20 KG: East West Kettlebells are built with premium first iron ore. We do not use scrap iron for our bells. Casting is done in a single molding to ensure a surface void of irregularities.

ABMAT: Abmats feature a design that allows you to use the entire abdominal muscle group, which puts it leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.

SOFT MED BALLS: Med balls have been a fixture in functional training facilities and in university gyms for years and with reason. The shape and texture of our med balls gives them a versatility that is difficult to find in other equipment.